EHR to RXNT Integration

Why Choose Moving Duck?

Our team of software and security engineers provide a secure and automated integration solution between any modern Electronic Health Record (EHR) and RXNT.


Connection between your EHR and RXNT is managed via reliable API solution


Data is managed on HIPAA compliant secured server with 24/7 monitoring


System allows adjustable growth depending on your needs

How does the integration work?

Data gathering

The data coming from your EMR/EHR flows to our API in a secured environment.

Data processing

Once received the data sets are loaded to our database system (server) where data integrity check is performed. The intermediary step of having files received on a secured server is necessary in order to receive files, clean them, and prepare them for presentation to RXNT.

Data loading

The “cleaned and reprocessed” data sets are then passed onto the RXNT.

See everything in the RXNT dashboard

At the end you will see all the processed data sets in the RXNT dashboard.

Error handling

If there is any error in the data set or in the flow:

  • Your user interface will clearly show the error/ file
  • And you will receive notification about the error / file

User Interface

With our UI you will have access to monitor the file transfer via user friendly interface, see all file transactions and their status. You can easily manage the transactions, such as rerun the transaction and see the details of each file.

UI - transaction overview UI - detail of the transaction


Here you can find more detailed features of our integration

Input inteface requirement

  • Incoming data formats can be in any format which is machine readable (HL7, CSV, XLS(X), TXT, XML, JSON, …)
  • We can receive data formats via SFTP, REST API or EDI modes.

Advanced features of the integration

  • System keeps all received files in an archive for 30 days
  • You can see, download or rerun them anytime during this period
  • Every action done by the system is recorded and monitored.

Server options

  • As the EHR data files need to be received, cleaned, stored and processed before being presented to RXNT, this can only occur in a computer environment, i.e. secured server.
  • Based on your preferences, The data interface can be hosted on a small secured server on an envirment you select through verious HIPAA server hosting platforms or on a server we can provide to you.

Other outputs

  • We have already an established connection to the RXNT system. Your data will flow seamlessly to RXNT once we receive the technical details of your RXNT account.
  • If you need to transfer your data to any other system, we can explore this scenario for you as well.

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